Wellside Foods – the home of Wellside Pure Pasta. Read on to find out why our premium, plant based dried fusilli is perfect to incorporate into your healthy lifestyle.


Our premium, plant-based low carb fusilli is made from high quality pea protein, with no added soy, eggs, milk or whey products. It does not contain trans fats, colourings or preservatives, or any products of animal origin and contains 40% less gluten than regular pasta.

Wellside’s low carbohydrate pasta ingredients are of 100% European origin.

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  • Made from high quality pea protein
  • Contains 40% less carbohydrates (than to conventional pasta)
  • Provides 43% of energy from proteins
  • Contains 5,600mg/100g BCAA
  • Contains 8 essential amino acids
  • Less than 1% of sugars, less than 1% saturated fat
  • No added soy, eggs, milk or whey

Professional Athletes and Fitness Enthusiasts

Rich in protein and containing the nine essential amino acids, Wellside Pure Pasta effectively stimulates muscle renewal and growth. It is recommended particularly after physical activities and in the evenings. Thanks to its outstanding properties, it can easily replace traditional sports food such as bars, beverages or powders.

Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Wellside Pure Pasta contains the finest quality pea isolate, known as an excellent source of protein. Because pea protein is digested slowly, it increases satiety; thus extending the feeling of fullness.  A small serving will suffice for several hours, making it easier to control weight.

Perfect for All Ages

Wellside pure pasta contains 25.3g of protein per serving, so its a great source of protein to support your diet at any stage of life…children and teenagers going through growth spurts, pregnant women; in order to ensure a healthy development of the baby as well as their own health and the elderly; for maintaining muscle mass even with a smaller appetite. ¬†

Perfect for a Variety of Diets

A rich source of protein, Wellside pure pasta is suitable for professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts, people recovering from surgical procedures, people following a weight-loss or low-carb diet, vegetarians and people with food allergies such as lactose intolerance or diabetes.

Clean Label

Wellside Pure Pasta is distinguished by a clean label, meaning that it contains no E-numbers or ingredients unfamiliar to the ordinary consumer. It is made using just three ingredients: legumes, durum wheat and water.

The Highest Standards of European Quality

Wellside Pure Pasta is produced in one of the most modern food production plants in the EU. It is made in adherence to the strictest European standards of safety, technology and hygiene exclusively from ingredients produced in the EU. Wellside Pure Pasta has been awarded the title of the Innovative Food of 2016.