Introducing Pure Pasta

A premium high protein, low carb, plant-based dried fusilli.

  • Made from high quality pea protein, with no added soy, eggs, milk or whey products.
  • Doesn’t contain trans fats, colourings or preservatives, or any products of animal origin.
  • Has been accredited as VEGAN by the European Vegetarian Union (the Euro equivalent to the UK Vegan Society).
  • Ingredients are of 100% European origin.
  • Contains 40% less carbohydrates and gluten compared to conventional pasta and is high in protein.
  • Contains BCAAs Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine, which boost muscle growth and enhance exercise performance.
  • Extensive research has taken place in the development of this product to ensure that the ingredients and additional BCAA content are of the highest quality and provide optimum nutritional values for a high protein, lower carbohydrate food source.

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Our Story

Wellside Foods is a family owned and operated company with a personal ethos. Established over four decades ago, our company has always placed great importance on acting responsibly towards the consumers, suppliers and the environment. We are well aware that the only way to do good business is by living in harmony with our stakeholders.

This guides every decision made in our family-run, development-oriented company.

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Our products are available for both personal and commercial use. You'll find many of our products in stock at our regional distributors. Contact us to find out your local supplier.

Are your products vegetarian & vegan?

We provide a mixture of high-quality and 100% traceable vegetarian and vegan products, direct to your door.

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As standard, we offer free 2nd class delivery through Royal Mail. If you prefer to receive your products quicker, we can send it 1st class Royal Mail. Simply select your preference at checkout.