Introducing Pure Pasta
A premium, organic, plant-based dried fusilli.


Introducing Wellside Pure Pasta – a premium, organic, plant-based dried fusilli. High in protein and lower in carbohydrates it’s the perfect choice for a health conscious diet.

Thanks to its high protein content, Wellside Pure Pasta is great for anyone wishing to maintain muscle strength and healthy bones…athletes, fitness enthusiasts, the elderly & vegetarians.

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What our customers say

So quick and easy to buy, can I open an account please!

I really struggle to cut out carbs, but a high-protein low-carb alternative ticks my box.

How refreshing- a whole range of quality vegan food.

Thank you to the Wellside technical team, confident and informative, certainly soothed my meat-free conscience, obviously in touch with ethical plant based development without compromising on quality, a big bravo.

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